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POAs, Advance Directives, and Wills - Oh My!

Community Conversations is a monthly program hosted by Meadville Medical Center at the Mind Body Wellness Center. Attorneys Gary Alizzeo and Keith Button were recently asked to speak on the topic of Estate planning - specifically Powers of Attorney, Advance Directives, and Wills.  To view their presentation - click below!

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Entitlement Defense to Spousal Support

In Pennsylvania there are two forms of monthly payments one spouse may seek from the other as support after separation: spousal support and alimony pendent lite (APL). APL is available to a spouse while the divorce action is pending, and up until the entire action is complete. Spousal support is available after separation, until a divorce is filed.

Who gets the engagement ring when the engagement is broken?

The engagement is over. Personal items are returned, Facebook accounts are blocked, and the wedding is off. But what happens to the engagement ring?



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