Firm History

The Shafer Law Firm has been in existence for more than fifty years, since its inception in 1965 when Paul Thomas and Charles Swick joined with Raymond Shafer, Paul D. Shafer, Jr. and Robert Dornhaffer. The Shafer Law firm enjoys a fine reputation and has a tradition of quality professional legal services.

Providing quality legal services to its clients is not the sole purpose of the attorneys who practice law at the Shafer Law Firm. Committing themselves to the betterment of our community, members serve on boards for many non-profit organizations, donate time to charitable causes, and provide legal services on a pro bono basis. They worship in our local churches and serve as positive role models for our youth through their coaching and teaching activities. Their pride in, and dedication to, the community fosters an environment that makes this the best place one can live, work and raise a family.